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American artist Andy Warhol is photographed pressing the shutter-release button of the camera in a collaborative portrait with photographer Lawrence Fried.
The Factory, NY, NY, and at Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, January 1965. Originally contracted by The Saturday Evening Post but they decided not to publish the article . These are never-been-seen-before images. They include portraits that are a collaboration between Fried and Warhol with Warhol pushing the shutter release. Images include: Billy Name (Linich), Philip Fagan, curator Henry Geldzahler, the director Emile de Antonio, the playwrightTennessee Williams and Bill Kluver and others at Bell Labs.
The shoot covers the filming of "Drunk" with Emile de Antonio. Images of the mylar pillows; paintings include Liz Taylor, Flowers, Suicide and more.
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