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Judson Poets' Theatre
Judson Memorial Church
Images include play "Antigone" and "Speed Limit"

Including Associate Minister, pianist and head of the arts, Al Carmines.
Robert Morris, Judith Dunn and many others.

1963-66 Saturday Evening Post
Performance Art
Rev. Howard Moody
Associate Pastor, Al Carmines
Judson Dance Theatre
Theatrical Productions

In the early 1960s, Village poet Robert Nichols asked Al Carmines if Judson Church could host productions of experimental theatre pieces, including his own short plays, for which he had no other venue. Only Café LaMama and Caffé Cino were beginning to present a few new plays in their spaces. Judson Church became the third venue from which "Off Off Broadway" developed. The productions were done on a shoestring and admission was by contribution.
Most plays were presented in the church's balcony space, although some larger productions, such as Theo Barnes' "Antigone" in Kabuki style, used the main Meeting Room. Joel Oppenheimer's "Great American Desert" was the first play produced by the church under the "Judson Poet's Theater" label (Al Carmines insisted on using the American spelling "theater"). Larry Kornfeld, formerly a director at the Living Theatre, moved to the Judson Poet's Theater, where he directed new works by Rosalyn Drexler, Maria Irene Fornès, Diane DiPrima, Rochelle Owens, Paul Goodman, George Dennison, and many others. Guest directors included Jacques Levy, Remy Charlip and James Waring.  Choreographers included Dan Wagoner and David Vaughan.
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