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  • The Audrey Hepburn Collection
  • Actors
    81 galleries
    A small selection of an extensive archive of actors.
  • 1953 Ringling Brothers "Circus of the Stars" Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Gloria Vanderbilt ...
    2 galleries
    Marilyn Monroe on pink elephant. Ringling Brothers Circus of the Stars, 1951. Original prints of Monroe, Dagmar, Lily Pons, Shaludis Sisters, Celeste Holm, Bert Lahr and others. Archive includes color and B&W of Marlene Dietrich, Danny Thomas, Gloria Vanderbilt, Cecil B. DeMille, Imogene Coca, June Havoc, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, Gypsey Rose Lee, John Ringling North, James Cagney, Bert Lahr.
  • Artists
    7 galleries
  • The Kennedys
    4 galleries
    1956 archive of contacts and negatives of then Senator Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy in 1965, Robert F. Kennedy campaign, Ted Kennedy, Joan Kennedy, The Kennedy Funeral.
  • Feminists/Political Leaders
  • Musicians
    24 galleries
  • Comedians
    18 galleries
  • Theatre & Televised Theatre 1950-1974
  • New York Stories
    9 galleries
  • Composers & Conductors
  • Children
    1 galleries
  • Warhol Unpublished
    1 galleries
    Photo shoot at The Factory and Bell Labs in 1965. Unpublished. Includes "Selfies" with Fried's camera. Also: Billy Name (Linich), Philp Fagan, Henry Geldzahler, Emile de Antonio, Bill Kulver of Bell Labs. Also, filming of "Drunk" with Emile de Antonio. Mylar Pillows, paintings include Liz Taylor, Flowers, Suicide and more.
  • Directors
    21 galleries
  • Fashion
    2 galleries
    1972 photo shoot of Halston fashion. Images include Rachel Welch and the model Karin. Color
  • Early Television/Radio
  • Writers, Editors, Journalists
  • Politics
    15 galleries
  • Sports
    8 galleries
  • High Society
    5 galleries
  • War
    3 galleries
    Fried went to Viet Nam in the early 60's with the Marines. He went back and to Cambodia two more times during the Viet Nam War. This collection will also include training camps in the U.S.
  • Nightclubs
    3 galleries
  • More Stories
    6 galleries
  • Pin-Ups
    2 galleries
  • Fried & Friends
    2 galleries
  • Religion
    4 galleries
  • Travel-International
    1 galleries
  • On the Road: America
    4 galleries
  • Crime
    2 galleries
    Newsweek cover story, 1972 Copyright: Cover-Newsweek, Image-Patricia Fried and Lauren A. Wendle
  • Dance
    4 galleries
  • Film Sets
    6 galleries
    The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, director Billy Wilder, 1960 The Best of Everything, 1969 The Devil's Brigade with William Holden, 1968 The Incident, 1967. Martin Sheen's first film role.  ​​Splendor in the Grass with Warren Beatty, Nathalie Wood, director Elia Kazan, 1961